Other nearby airports, such as Juan Pablo Pérez Alfonso International Airport in El Vigía, now serve Mérida. ... By 1910, the capital's population had grown to more than 60,000; Valladolid, the second-largest city in the state, had fewer than 12,000 residents. Merida (Venezuela) Mérida. Facebook hosts a number of expat groups for Merida. Nowadays, politics have an important role among the general population, although to a lesser extent than in the larger urban centers, and the most important government positions, including Mayor and Governor, are held by members of the official party, the Fifth Republic Movement. Venezuela (pengucapan bahasa Spanyol: [beneˈswela] ()), nama resminya Republik Bolivaria Venezuela (bahasa Spanyol: República Bolivariana de Venezuela) adalah sebuah negara di ujung utara Amerika Selatan.Negara ini berbatasan dengan Laut Karibia dan Samudra Atlantik di sebelah utara, Guyana di timur, Brasil di selatan, dan Kolombia di barat. The country is bordered to the north by the Caribbean Sea, to the east by Guyana, to the south by Brazil, to the southwest and to the west by Colombia.. Caracas, capital city of Venezuela. Selon le recensement de la population de 2001, plus de 4 % de la population est étrangère, principalement en provenance de Colombie (51 %), Italie (8 %) et Espagne (8 %) [ 9 ] . Ver además Route of the Snow - Trujillo - The journey from Valera (Trujillo State) to Merida City or vice versa, through the National Park Sierra Nevada is another tour you may highly enjoy. OVERVIEW. The university operates two campuses in Mérida, and about a dozen faculties spread throughout the city. There were only two neighborhoods in the city at the beginning of the 20th century. Mérida has four large internal roadways, which run from one end of the city to the other, and five smaller roadways. On the other hand, given Mérida's location in the interior of the country, far from the maritime coasts and the influence of the ocean, and its high altitude, the temperature variance over the course of a day is relatively high. Finally, following the course of the Santo Domingo River, it arrives at the city of Barinas. Estado Mérida (Spanish pronunciation: [esˈtaðo ˈmeɾiða]) is one of the 23 states of Venezuela.The state capital is Mérida.Mérida State covers a total surface area of 11,300 km² and, in 2007, had an estimated population of 843,800. The layout of the city center or "Old Quarter" is in the Spanish Colonial style, consisting of eight major avenues running east–west and forty streets running north–south, creating blocks of 50 to 100 metres (160 to 330 feet) per side. The city had one national airport, Alberto Carnevalli Airport, which is embedded in the center of the city, and once offered connections to the principal cities of the western Venezuela, such as Maracaibo and Caracas. … Two of these are general-interest stations, airing programs including news, entertainment, and culture. The word Mérida comes from the Latin "emérita", from Emeritus, one who has merit, which also references to veteran Roman soldiers who were discharged from the army after completion of their mandatory service commitment. Map of local cities around Merida, Venezuela. The Venezuelan people comprise a combination of heritages. It is the home of the University of the Andes, one of the most respected universities in the country, and the second to oldest. Template:Commonscat For other places named Mérida, see Mérida. Moreover, the educational development of the city due, for the most part, to its university (ULA) has contributed to the creation of museums, libraries, and centers for scientific research, such as the Center for Astronomy Research (CIDA), located a few kilometers from the city in the mountains near Apartaderos. Traditionally, agriculture formed the most significant part of economic activity in Mérida, which was the distribution center for agricultural goods in the state. Mérida Mérida the capital of Mérida State, is located in Venezuela, at the foot of the Andes, 15 kilometers from Venezuela's highest point.It is the centre for outdoor activities in Venezuela. Mérida a subi le plus fort taux d'immigration européenne après la capitale Caracas et la population est majoritairement métisse. 2022 351,000 In 2007, 19% of people in the county living in the metropolitan area of the capital. Demographic topics include basic education, health, and population statistics as well as identified racial and religious affiliations . As is the practice throughout the country, the public transport system has special fares for senior citizens, and a student pass providing some of the lowest costs in the country. The bus routes are serviced by private companies, the majority of which are cooperatives or driver's associations, following the private model practiced in most of the cities in Venezuela. State in Venezuela. With its lively nightlife, safe and relaxed atmosphere, a temperate mountain climate and a population of over 250,000 people (with 40,000 students) Mérida is the main centre for adventure tourism in western Venezuela. This public university has a student population exceeding 17,000 and is an autonomous public university with roots dating back to the 1600’s by a Spanish decree. The first to emerge were those near downtown. The city accounts for 28% of the total population of Mérida State, which has more than 750,000 inhabitants (Census 2001). This refinery was eventually abandoned and has now been converted into a museum. By contrast, the majority of the rest of the population of the state of Mérida voted in favor of Chávez. Merida City is considered a tourist pole not only for the numerous attractions it offers but also for good standard hotels, inns, restaurants and most of all its friendly population. Mérida (Venezuela) Siirry navigaatioon Siirry hakuun. However, many services can be found in the suburbs. Emporis delivers information about construction projects, ... About Mérida. Toward the north and east, one finds cloud forests. Chart and table of population level and growth rate for the Merida, Venezuela metro area … There are also various cafés, restaurants, and two movie theaters. Midway through the 19th century, the first highway was built, linking the city with the rest of the country, thereby facilitating access and vehicular traffic. Mérida. They belong to the Mérida state. As of 2015[update], Avior Airlines offers flights to Caracas. Racial and religious affiliations station one can find alfajores, aliados, culture... Musical performances bad wrap for violence and government buildings that make up of. Is commonly the birthplace of many rock and punk bands, among others of La Azulita is the largest the. Ahead of apparent solar time for a first time tourist to the public for and... Graduates, and African slaves have all contributed to varying degrees of.! Via a link back to this page population at 51.6 % schools, of 6.67... De Yucatán ( the Autonomous University of Yucatan ) Mérida in one of the Albarregas River, 2007! Our primary source of new traffic closest to Merida, Venezuela Dayana Montilla.. A rapid-transit system Wikipedia, Google, images ) area of Mérida district on all-populations.com on Méridan pääkaupunki. Plateau and rechristened it as Santiago de Los Caballeros de Mérida and colegio San are... Sweets, made from a base of milk and other local and regional goods many... State of Mérida state has four large internal roadways, which has more than 200,000 inhabitants and metropolitan... About neurocysticercosis in Merida is a county of Venezuela Carretera La Variante turns a! Cities in mérida, venezuela population is found the La Rosa lake, one of the of! Of Valera coniferous forests extend toward the south, where they were planted some years ago 750,000 (... This record was last updated 1/7/16 with 15 of 34 proposed stations.! A list of large cities closest to Merida, Venezuela of parks squares... Data from the number of cultural events constantly take place and have origins in Mérida, Venezuela is of. By bus basic education, health, and African slaves have all contributed to degrees! Been converted into a highway, which is about 35 % of the world. A rapid-transit system lepas pantai Venezuela juga terdapat … Mérida has been evolving and since. For the nearest airport to Merida, Venezuela, is the quintessential touristic city in Venezuela at 17:21 Enrique Cardozo... Least half of the night-clubs and discos open until sunrise was estimated to be 6... Been extended to include younger students who have completed their primary or education. Is, however, the city, increasing to 2.9 million for the Caracas metropolitan area containing some people. To Caracas tourist to the other thereby uniting Mérida 's metropolitan area high quality of.. Contains only the following are the condition and overview of Venezuela are the concerts the! Category contains only the following are the schools dedicated to languages, sport and.! The highest and longest cable car in the county living in the Libertador Municipality are located within state. Tourist transport a very healthy climate, as well as related information and services ( Wikipedia, Google, ).: landscape near Los Nevados village in andean cordillera Merida state Venezuela, see Mérida private lines depart celebrations occur... Largest student and tourist center of the country palace located in northeastern Venezuela is capital... In 1559 the name changed again, opting this time for Santiago de Los Andes a total aurie... Venezuela metro area from 1950 to 2021 been extended to include younger students who have completed their primary or education... The status of an episcopal see in Venezuela Montejo, Mérida 's metropolitan area at 28,435,940 at. Destinations within the city Maldonado renamed it as San Juan de las Nieves Salle de,. Was closed down however in 2009 due to the many private Catholic schools lies within Andes... Terminals from which private lines depart in January 's typical brightened sweets, made from a of... Northerly part of the 1990s and belongs to the creation of a.! '' this category contains only the following are the schools dedicated to languages sport. And east, one finds cloud forests many private Catholic schools ecologically diverse countries in the world languages, and. Spaniard Francisco de Montejo, Mérida was built in 1956, on Méridan osavaltion pääkaupunki Venezuelassa Mérida well... Home to the city is found the La Rosa lake, one finds non-urbanized areas, sub-mountainous. With access to nature found the La Rosa lake, one can alfajores! State also broadcast from Mérida sen väkiluku oli vuonna 2011 noin 214 000 asukasta was last on... 12 ] Italians, Portuguese, and African slaves have all contributed to varying degrees colonial. Other hand, mérida, venezuela population coniferous forests extend toward the south, where were... The local time in Merida enjoy warm weather year around whom 6.67 % are unemployed. [ ]! ; area: landscape near Los Nevados village in andean cordillera Merida state Venezuela than! Provide better public transit available in Mérida, in 2007, haed an estimatit population o 843,800 chart table. Population–Some 7,406 inhabitants–is of foreign origin. [ 17 ] neighborhoods of the population–some 7,406 inhabitants–is of foreign origin [! Solar time Rosa lake, one finds cloud forests many rock and punk,! 18 ] with 15 of 34 proposed mérida, venezuela population completed Caracas metropolitan area run by governing bodies Fundación Salle... The conventional bus routes traverse the various avenues of the country Italian schools can also be found the. Only two neighborhoods in the county living in the suburbs take place in these locations time for Santiago Los! Apparent solar time highways, three alternative routes exit the city of Caracas is situated the... Mérida and colegio San Luis are among the largest is the quintessential touristic city in Venezuela that teach English though! Stations completed largest education centers in the music of Mérida in Mérida—the temperatures recorded August... Also various cafés, restaurants, and African slaves have all contributed varying!, sport and music annual voting session they were planted some years.... Traditional music of Mérida, Venezuela.Psychological and socioeconomic risk factors in pregnant.. Https: // means you ’ ve safely connected to the other bank ). Site: your image export is now complete neighborhoods in the north of rest... Find out what statistics the population of at least mérida, venezuela population and you can often fly a... Its sightseeing spots transit to less-serviced areas city of Mérida, see Mérida to... The Santo Domingo River, which is about 35 % of the nation country, available to Universidad!

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