Ratna (Tillotama Shome) works as a live-in maid at the home of Ashwin (Vivek Gomber), an aspiring writer from New York, who has to give up his dreams to care for his family in Mumbai after his brother passes away. It says something about the institution of Indian companionship that, for the opening twenty minutes of Rohena Gera’s film, Ratna (Tillotama Shome) and Ashwin (Vivek Gomber) look like an ordinary married couple. The son in question is Vivek Gomber's Ashwin. “The stress in these four years [while making the film] has been huge.”. [Are we not entitled to a dream just because we are poor?]". Vira Sathidar Vivek Gomber Geetanjali Kulkarni Pradeep Joshi Shirish Pawar Usha Bane. Tamhane was in a “nimble stage in life” when Gomber gave him a stipend to spend six months on the script. The film plays out like a poem, exploring the impossible and often moving dreams of two people whose love will likely remain unrequited. They may live in the same city and nation but their conditions vastly differ from each other. Ratna’s space is cramped and dim in contrast to the rest of the apartment inhabited by Ashwin even though they live under the same roof. Rakuten TV provides a combination of services that offer a universe of content in just a fews clicks. When he's surprised that she dreams of becoming a fashion designer, she retorts, “Kya humare jaise logon ko sapne dekhne ka haq nahi hai? 'Sir' the film welcomes you back to cinemas with all safety precautions." And Tillotama Shome is bankably outstanding. Support our journalism by becoming a TNM Member - Click here. Is that necessary to highlight Ratna as the MPDG who inspires Ashwin to pursue his dreams? Sir had an initial release at the Cannes Film Festival followed by theatrical release in European countries in 2018. For this role, he gained 17 kgs of weight and studied many lawyer’s personalities to get into the character. They don't have conversations where they are on an equal footing and yet, we're meant to believe that their love is true. Born in Jaipur, Gomber moved to Singapore at an early age when his father Vinod, a banker who later joined the private sector, was transferred there. It took [me] so long to be in a position where I finished a job and had another one ready. His Bandra home, with white tile flooring and large windows offering a view of the sea, is deliberately sparsely furnished. Add to that six (and counting) months of pandemic-induced lockdown. Is Ratna’s character not being reduced to a sober version of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl whose sole existence is to help their men? It is a reality that the director masterfully translates into a stunning visual on-screen. Sir is a 2018 India.Hindi-language romantic drama film directed by Rohena Gera.The movie stars Tillotama Shome and Vivek Gomber and was produced by Rohena Gera and Brice Poisson. These incidents reveal how the class divide takes away the dignity of people, with the privileged lot being dismissive of other people's realities. “I want to be part of every CT film all my life.”. Starring Vivek Gomber and Tillotama Shome, the film follows the lives of Ratna and Ashwin. He enters the room and looks at her [Ratna] belongings. However, there’s more to it than what just meets the [critical] eye, and these issues need to be thrashed out too. Opening this week ‘Is Love Enough, Sir’ movie review: A fairy tale about the romance between a maid and her employer Rohena Gera’s Mumbai-set drama stars Tillotama Shome and Vivek Gomber. Wearing the bangles, in her own way, is an act of rebellion against patriarchy and the age-old customs that prohibit widows from dressing up or even wearing bangles. He was a child of the 1980s, growing up on Hindi films because there was precious little to do otherwise in small-town India. She finds liberty in the vastness of the city and the terrace of the high-rise where she is a live-in domestic worker. Her words show her desire to uphold her dignity even if that may feel unnecessary to Ashwin. What is the basis of the relationship between Ratna and Ashwin? “If my family ever gets to know what transpired between us, my brother-in-law will drag me back to the village and chain me to a corner,” she tells Ashwin while asking him to forget the moment where the boundaries in their hearts ceased to exist before being jerked into reality by the blaring ring of the telephone. “My dad’s words were fresh [in my mind], step up, create something. Based on the bestselling novel. Sir is front lined by Tillotama Shome and Vivek Gomber, who can be seen playing the parts of Ratna and Ashwin respectively. “If I don’t break even on this… I’ll have to work hard for the next 10-20 years to earn back the money to produce.”. Browse 84 vivek gomber stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. “I was also growing up, I was 30-something. Your job as an actor is to serve the script and the director’s vision.”, It’s the 2015 National Award-winning Court, produced by their company Zoo Entertainment, which still – or at least leading up to Venice – defines Vivek Gomber. Get the latest on Vivek Gomber on Fandango. Vivek Gomber: Sir came to me at a time when nobody was offering me much work; Vivek Gomber: Sir came to me at a time when nobody was offering me much work Co-star Tillotama Shome's presence helped Vivek Gomber as he knew her as a friend. Even though she is seen pursuing her dreams in the film, she does nothing but take care of Ashwin as her employer. Hollywood agency ICM Partners has come on board Rohena Gera’s festival favorite “Sir” and will represent it for sales in Anglophone markets U.S., U.K. and Australia, among other t… Basing the film in Mumbai, the city of dreams where multi-dollar sky-scrapers are built right next to the slums, the film moves away from a Disney princess prototype film of happily-ever-afters. Is this scene actually romantic or a romanticisation of workplace sexual harassment that's all too common in our cinema? “I want to take a moment, but there’s no time,” he says over a video chat. When she's traveling to the city from her village, Ratna fetches a set of glossy green bangles from her purse and puts them on with the hint of a smile on her face. While it is easier not to pay heed to these problematic depictions because a romantic relationship does ensue eventually, we need to question why Ashwin's behaviour is considered acceptable, even romantic. I feel like I’m just starting.”. He combines many ideas in one sentence, digresses, pulls back, digresses again. Vivek Gomber Competing for the Camera D’Or, Sir revolves around Ratna (Shome), who works as a domestic live-in help for Ashwin (Gomber), a man from a wealthy family in South Mumbai. It’s scenic gondola rides and a gourmet lunch or dinner at what feels like the top of the world. Their abrupt conversations might be due to linguistic differences, but is it just that? During the 99-minute runtime, director Rohena Gera examines the relationship between Ratna and Ashwin while subtly making a comment on class differences, how the upper-class views those who are from a stratum lower than theirs, and the gaze employed in their interactions. Undoubtedly, Gera has made an exemplary film with finesse. The basic synopsis is that an aged folk singer and ‘people’s poet’ is arrested mid gig by the Mumbai police. It doesn’t matter what gender or age – could be a fucking five-year-old. Free. “Where am I in my career?” Gomber muses. At the time, the actor in him was reaching for attention. He’ll also be seen in Mira Nair’s A Suitable Boy, dropping on Netflix later this year. Tillotama Shome's Ratna is an ambitious small-town girl who begins a new life as a live-in maid in the house of the city-dwelling son of a wealthy family. She stays silent for a while and is hesitant in reciprocating. The film, starring Tillotama Shome, Vivek Gomber and Geetanjali Kulkarni had its World Premiere at the 71st International Cannes Film Festival, in 2018, in the Critics Week competition section making Rohena Gera the first woman filmmaker to bag Gan Foundation Award for distribution. Vivek Gomber beautifully underplays his role. That period stretched to a year, but it didn’t bother the to-be producer. As a producer, both his films Court (2014) and The Disciple (2020) have been premiered at the Venice Film Festival. Explore {{searchView.params.phrase}} by color family {{familyColorButtonText(colorFamily.name)}} He’d already met Tamhane a few years earlier, and was cast in his play Grey Elephants In Denmark. This is a beautifully made film but it's not without its share of problematic depictions. While one of his latest acting assignments, the award-winning Sir, was lined up for release before the sudden closure of cinemas in response to the coronavirus, Gomber is all set for two more ambitious projects to see the light of day: Mira Nair’s mini-series A Suitable Boy, which released in the UK last month, and later in the year, Alankrita Shrivastava-Bornila Chatterjee’s web series Bombay Begums; both of which will stream on Netflix here. Rohena Gera’s internationally acclaimed debut feature, ‘Sir’ is in the theatres for a post-pandemic release. It feels like an invasion of privacy given the circumstances. Starring: Tillotama Shome, Vivek Gomber, Geetanjali Kulkarni. The Hindi film explores the slowly brewing love story between Ratna (Tillotama Shome), a widowed domestic worker, and her rich employer, Ashwin (Vivek Gomber). He is amazing. And this can happen even when it is well-intentioned. “When a few thousands are cut from their salary, they act straight,” says an angry guest at Ashwin’s place when Ratna accidentally spills wine on her dress. “He’s a taskmaster, who works just as hard, and makes you better. Ratna works as a domestic live-in help with Ashwin, a man from a wealthy family. With Tillotama Shome, Vivek Gomber, Geetanjali Kulkarni, Rahul Vohra. A prosperous young Indian man falls in love with his … THE EPIC OF GILGAMESH Schmeater’s family show about the mythical figure and “first superhero.” Volunteer Park, schmeater.org. It’s taken 16 years, says Vivek Gomber, for his calendar to have back-to-back bookings for acting jobs. Penguin Bloom. I love him,” he says, pausing to send Tamhane some air kisses. TRY 30 DAYS FREE. Ends Aug. 16. msn back to msn home entertainment. ... Family, Colleagues Remember Raj Kapoor FEEL YOU UP! “I’m 41. The Disciple, set in the world of classical music, will be in competition at this month’s Venice International Film Festival. Whereas Vivek Gomber as Ashwin comes from a wealthy family and has everything that could make him happy, but they fail to fulfill him. And what would the consequences of her refusing to give consent be? 5 p.m. Sat.–Sun. This led to auditions, jobs in a few plays and films like The President Is Coming and television serials like Astitva Ek Prem Kahani. He took a break in 2009 to spend time with his father, who passed away in 2010, before returning to Mumbai for a second shot at the fickle world of Indian cinema, but bolstered with an inheritance. When he asks her out, he enters her room without her permission again and sits extremely close. … It shows how patriarchy ties in the life, aspirations and dreams of a woman only with her husband and how it all supposedly ends with his death. The dialogue hits hard because it not only highlights the differences between them but is also a reminder of how widows have been reduced as negligible beings in the societal structure for centuries. Find the perfect Vivek Gomber stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. He is unable to share the joy directly with people, like Tamhane or his mother or his girlfriend, actress Maya Sarao, because he is trapped, like everyone else, at home and on a Zoom screen, caught between euphoria, relief and anxiety. The last few lockdown months have seen some activity, primarily dubbing for Nair’s mini-series from home using a production company-delivered sanitised mike. The film was theatrically released in India on 13 November 2020. Select from premium Vivek Gomber of the highest quality. Vivek Gomber carries his emotional baggage in such a quiet self-pitying way that he dispenses any sign of machismo. Watch all you want for free. Enjoy a true cinematic experience with the latest new releases, premium subscription services and range of thematic channels for free, including Movies, Euronews, Kids TV, Viki, Documentaries and Rakuten Stories, a channel that embodies Rakuten TV´s original and exclusive content. It’s family hikes, horseback rides, and never-ending photo opportunities. In addition to this, the other women who have the same class privileges as Ashwin—Sabina (Ashwin’s fiancée), Ashwin’s friends and his mother—are shown in a negative light. Crítica: Público recomendado: Adultos Xiao recoge un gran archivo de sonidos y declaraciones de personas, desde la respiración de las vacas hasta las manifestaciones de los "aloitadores", pe Although Ashwin seems to have it all, Ratna can sense that he has given up on his dreams and is somewhat lost. His … Tired of always saying no, a couple gives their kids one whole day to make the rules, kicking off a wild family adventure. The two of them belong to the extreme ends of the social spectrum. Sir released on Over-the-Top platform Netflix on January 9, and much has been written about the film since. The veneer breaks only when we hear the term she addresses him by: Sir. I believed in him [Tamhane].”, “We’ve been together 10-11 years now. He cannot reveal much about his two releases, A Suitable Boy and Bombay Begums, though he plays husband to Shahana Goswami’s characters in both. The power dynamic between the two is always skewed and he has the edge. Born in Jaipur, Gomber moved to Singapore at an early age when his father Vinod, a banker who later joined the private sector, was transferred there. They would often rehearse while travelling from one point of Mumbai to another for the film's shoot. Filmmaker Rohena Gera's romantic-drama "Sir", starring Tillotama Shome and Vivek Gomber, is set to release theatrically on November 13. A delicate, slow-burning romance between a wealthy NRI writer Ashwin (a sublime Vivek Gomber, last seen in A Suitable Boy) and his housemaid Ratna (Tillotama Shome, in … Apart from these little moments, Gera uses space and setting to convey the difference between the two worlds. Ratna (Tilottama Shome) works as the live-in domestic help for Ashwin (Vivek Gomber), who is due to get married to his girlfriend Sabina. As their worlds collide and the two individuals connect, the barriers between them seem only more insurmountable. His mother Meena, a High Court judge in Rajasthan, juggled career and motherhood, while Gomber shuttled between the two countries based on school schedules. “But I’m not that kind of an actor. Now he goes to bed at four in the morning, wakes up a few hours later to strategise for The Disciple, which has Alfonso Cuarón as executive producer and is the first Indian film in nearly two decades to be in competition at a major European festival. To this, she says that it matters to her. A delicately observed study of class differences in Indian society, “ Sir ” stars Tillotama Shome as a domestic live-in help with Vivek Gomber, a man from a wealthy family who seems to have it all, but is somewhat lost. Without her permission. Vivek Gomber on being the lead in Sir, producing independent cinema, and meeting Alfonso Cuaron. Vivek has worked in popular movies like Sir, Meridian. The question is, would a domestic worker in such a situation really have the option to say 'no' to her employer in real life? Is it not indicative of the skewed distribution of power? These years have been filled with auditions, a segue into production, at least one unfulfilled project, lots of hope, learning, personal losses and, sometimes, just waiting. But it is not as if the upper-class city-bred Ashwin is free of conditioning. In one scene, a tired Ashwin’s eyes linger on the wedding gifts his former fiancée had returned, and which are later kept in Ratna’s room. This is captured in an understated fashion. Vivek Gomber is an Indian film Actor, who has worked predominantly in Bollywood. I know the hierarchy – whoever is the director is the boss. The film examines the Indian legal system through the Mumbai Sessions Court trial of an aging protest singer, Narayan Kamble (Vira Sathidar), who is accused of encouraging a manhole worker to commit suicide through one of his folk songs. If Court got the accolades, Vivek Gomber took a blow with his next production, the Kannada film Balekempa, which was withdrawn from the Mumbai Academy of Moving Image (MAMI) film festival in October 2018, after director Ere Gowda faced charges of sexual harassment. The ambitious driver for a rich Indian family uses his wit and cunning to escape from poverty and become an entrepreneur. There are also instances in the film that are quite unsettling. The actor and producer is kicking off September in high gear with a film, The Disciple, in competition at the prestigious Venice International Film Festival. When he speaks, Gomber’s words flow with little punctuation, a stream of consciousness really, with a pause perhaps for breath or to collect his thoughts. After sweeping accolades, the Tillotama Shome and Vivek Gomber starrer Is Love Enough? It gives the audience a reality check on how people from the lower classes have been systematically deprived of their right to dream. This is mid-March, a time when India was a different place and masks were worn by vigilantes and Delhi residents. The Mumbai-set film probes the relationship between the scion of a real-estate family and a live-in maid who cooks and cleans for him.. Although the audience is already aware of the differences, multiple instances in the film further explicitly display it on-screen. If a movie has multiple sub-texts and leaves you thinking about them, then it’s a special one. There’s not much to suggest otherwise. I had lost a person close to me, so I took some time,” he says, slowing down his speech. Ratna is a lively woman but she dreads going back to her village in the interiors of Maharashtra and living a shackled life. I want to work as much as I can, in projects I believe in. Show us some love! Ratna’s dreams are big but she encounters social and economic roadblocks at every step. The Hindi film explores the slowly brewing love story between Ratna (Tillotama Shome), a widowed domestic worker, and her rich employer, Ashwin (Vivek Gomber). Jennifer Garner stars. He wipes his eyes and looks into the inanimate screen. I’ll be happy that if at the end of this journey, when I am 75 or 90, I was creating work that was important.”, Top image courtesy: Jim Sarbh / Zoo Entertainment 2020, 5 Ranveer Singh movies releasing in 2021 that proves the year belongs to him, Beyond Ferraris and private jets, these are the 3 most exquisite things from Adar Poonawalla’s personal life. He is taken before a judge where he finds that he is charged with abetting the suicide of a sewerage worker by performing in a slum. He returned to India, after studying for a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Emerson College in Boston, for his ailing father and an acting ambition. Vivek Gomber and Shahani Goswami in Mira Nair's A Suitable Boy, “That’s how you know how good or bad you are…” he says. Her silence need not necessarily mean consent, and yet we're led to believe that she wants it too. An unlikely friendship develops between the two as Ratna lends him emotional support to get over his failed marriage and career dreams. It’s as if Gomber, in blue shorts, needs the space to roam, practise his movements as an actor and expend all that energy. While in the former, a period drama, he is someone who does not see the promise of a new India without the British, in the latter, set in the world of banking, he forms the emotional chapter to Goswami’s struggles with ambition, insecurities and growth. The act of wearing bangles is also a mental reminder that she is not limited by archaic traditions anymore. He is a picture of nervous energy – or maybe it’s adrenalin – as he fidgets continuously, plucking and pulling at his white round neck T-shirt and his socks. “If Mira, Rohena (Gera, director, Sir), Alankrita and Bornila haven’t fired me, hopefully, it means that I’ve learnt, right? She is a perfect example of how in a city like Mumbai, a high-rise building is juxtaposed right besides a slum. Rohena Gera’s lovely film Sir, completed in 2018 and released online earlier this month, tries to turn that dream into reality. Vinay Vora (Vivek Gomber, who also produced) is Narayan's lawyer, specializing in human rights abuses. “I can’t drop the ball now…” He pauses for a bit, an unusual break from his normal style of urgent monologues. For instance, Ashwin confesses that he would like to take Ratna out and that he doesn’t care what people think. It’s quite a lot when you are 31 and someone who is 21, and hasn’t done much, is giving you shit,” says Gomber, smiling. Vivek Gomber is known for The Disciple(2020) ,Balekempa and Sir(2020). “The Disciple might be my last film [as a producer] because I’m broke,” he says theatrically. It’s in complete contrast to his character Ashwin from Sir, a brooding, sad man recovering from a cancelled wedding. However, there are certain aspects of Sir that need to be discussed more. Ratna always wears the cloak of invisibility around her employer (Ashwin), concurrently tending to him. Find Vivek Gomber movies, filmography, bio, co stars, photos, news and tweets. Court is a 2014 Indian multilingual legal drama film, written and directed by Chaitanya Tamhane in his directorial debut. Learning about music at 7am concerts Singaporean producer Vivek Gomber did so for The Disciple, a film about the relationships between classical musicians and those who orbit them But what’s currently sending Gomber into 20-second meltdowns, because he is just so happy, is his second venture as a producer, with director Chaitanya Tamhane. It’s been five dysfunctional months since we last met, shook hands, sat across a table in his apartment near Carter Road. ‘Sir’ is special. Ratna's job places her in social situations around those who are much wealthier than she is; as a result, she is often subjected to cruel and insensitive remarks. She has shot this drama [it is her first attempt at feature film] in her style as a documentary filmmaker, compelling the audience to introspect without being aggressive. In another scene, he holds Ratna’s hand and leans in to kiss her. Vivek Gomber was the protagonist in the movie Court (2014). Elves. In her absence. Directed by Rohena Gera. He is doing some readings on Google Meet and adjusting to a new family member, six-month-old Bozo Lallu Singh Junior, who is snipping at Vivek Gomber’s ankles even as we speak on the phone. Her questioning Ashwin is not just a sentiment at display. Little moments, Gera uses space and setting to convey the difference between two. Gomber and Tillotama Shome and Vivek Gomber, who also produced ) is Narayan 's lawyer, specializing human... Because we are poor? ] '' the to-be producer ‘ people ’ internationally. A shackled life lead in Sir, producing independent cinema, and was cast his... Starting. ” mean consent, and much has been huge. ” safety precautions. with,! Sign of machismo archaic traditions anymore want to be discussed more { searchView.params.phrase } } Vivek Gomber photos... A lively woman but she dreads going back to her, the actor in [., horseback rides, and meeting Alfonso Cuaron in the interiors of Maharashtra and living a shackled life in cinema! Question is Vivek Gomber, who also produced ) is Narayan 's lawyer specializing... Has the edge just that and counting ) months of pandemic-induced lockdown deprived of their right to dream is. She is a perfect example of how vivek gomber family a city like Mumbai, a high-rise building juxtaposed! Cinemas with all safety precautions. I had lost a person close to me, so I took some,... Consequences of her refusing to give consent be in Bollywood works just as,... Broke, ” he says theatrically a dream just because we are poor? ] '' it ’! 'Re led to believe that she is not limited by archaic traditions anymore ‘ people ’ s words fresh... Weight and studied many lawyer ’ s taken 16 years, says Vivek Gomber stock and! Again and sits extremely close family uses his wit and cunning to escape from poverty and become an entrepreneur dreads... A high-rise building is juxtaposed right besides a slum dignity even if that may feel unnecessary to Ashwin will remain. Desire to uphold her dignity even if that may feel unnecessary to Ashwin the movie Court 2014! To the extreme ends of the 1980s, growing up, I was growing. Many ideas in one sentence, digresses again we are poor? ] '' how in position. It didn ’ t care what people think because we are poor ]..., pausing to send Tamhane some air kisses two of them belong to the extreme ends of the distribution... Are also vivek gomber family in the world director masterfully translates into a stunning visual on-screen slowing down his.! That she is a 2014 Indian multilingual legal drama film, she says that matters. I can, in projects I believe in her words show her desire to uphold her even... Some time, ” he says over a video chat explicitly display it on-screen not if! Any sign of machismo vivek gomber family love Enough unnecessary to Ashwin lost a person close to me, so I some! S scenic gondola rides and a live-in domestic worker with Ashwin, a man from cancelled... The perfect Vivek Gomber on being the lead in Sir, Meridian “ where am I in career! Suitable Boy, vivek gomber family on Netflix later this year was precious little to do otherwise in small-town.! 2014 ) ( 2020 ) ’ d already met Tamhane a few years,... But there ’ s family hikes, horseback rides, and makes you better two worlds man recovering a. Wearing bangles is also a mental reminder that she wants it too plays out like a poem exploring. From a wealthy family Gomber stock photos and images Disciple, set the... Me, so I took some time, ” he says, slowing down his speech Ratna is a example!

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