The atmosphere will not let you go once ensnared and I almost don’t want to rec it since it is very much incomplete. Sometimes one just didn’t feel like participating in physical relations (women especially, Francis had noticed) and he understood that. (Rated: G A story of summer love in the early 19thcentury. Mentions of AmeCan. That’s all the warnings I can think of for this one. (Incomplete-Rated: T There’s very little of the fill but it was fun for what is there. ), Pigeons- Two old men, two almost finished life stories, a flock of pigeons and some benches. (Rated: M And you know what? The fanfic recommendations page for Hetalia: Axis Powers grew so long that we had to split it into subpages. Upon constructing this list, I originally left this little series off because of the content. ), The Antique Land- Request: I’ve been reading this fanfic, and I got this idea when I read the chapters on France and England. (Rated: M France gets mighty jealous seeing his lover in very attractive clothing after being MIA. An Air of Love - Frukweek Day 1. There are many things, he realizes, that don’t make sense but he ignores it favour of his false duty to Germany. (Rated: T A FACE family AU where Arthur is a mage and has a habit of picking up strays. It features Artist!Arthur and Photographer!Francis and their relationship is a slow build, but clearly there despite past and present relations. Fics under the read more! It’s nice seeing 2P France insecure around the ever insecure Oliver. ‘S why I got another one recced, haha. I also have another post that I’ve included links of the tags I use for tagging fanfics, if that helps, too. These issues get solved one day when, for some reason, England’s insecurities come out while they’re having sex. And then Arthur realises he’s taking pictures of Francis feeding ducks or writing him into a song and Francis realises he’s always watching Arthur or painting a man with bushy eyebrows sitting on a park bench. (Rated: M Flatmates/Roommates! ), Being Human For Dummies- They weren’t supposed to have met, hell, they weren’t supposed to know the other existed! Drugs? It is ongoing, though. ), Lorem Ipsum- Request- Following Marianne, a seductive teasing woman who works in a very international office, and her male secretary, socially awkward and irritable Arthur Kirkland. This is mostly fluff with some initial angst. (I can’t draw though my art is merde) (désolé) Bonsoir, TiffanyLogic. ), Untitled- Arthur loses a bet with Ludwig and now he has to ask that charming French barista for his number. There’s some hinted GerIta as well. Celebratory sex: having just reclaimed France from Germany, U.K. fucks the Vichy out of him is rough and extremely possessive, with France being somewhat subdued and distracted at first but eventually responding more like himself. Or he can take Joans place as Francis soul mate. A!A filled the request to straight to the T and it was a highly emotional read. ), Thank Goodness for Digital Cameras- A fight with Francis leaves Arthur so angry he cuts him out of the family photos. ), Untitled- Request: France and England are going at it when France gets an important call he can’t miss. your own Pins on Pinterest I would like to see England comforting him, telling him that the others are stupid and he shouldn’t listen to them. (Rated: M Naughty things ensue when France discovers how sensitive England’s wings are. ), It Started With a Quiche- Young dentist Arthur Kirkland transfers to Paris for his new job (and to search for a mysterious young Frenchman he’d met years ago in China). (Rated: M Long request summary is long but it makes me type less. smutty ones. And Zalia happens to be superb at writing it. This is an Incredibles AU so our beloved characters, the FACE family and others, have superpowers! England doesn’t like to be the only one: solution? Check. ), Without Pity- In the dark of his coffin, Arthur knew one thing. Francis shrugged, looking a little annoyed. AmeCan is a background pair in this fic. Welcome to the FrUk Network, where everyone likes and posts FrUk/UkFr. on the Green Day album, Hetalia nations during WWII. The story is about the human sides of the nations hating their nations sides. ), Sex appeal- Request: Aggressive, rough sex against a wall. While you’re at it, go read everything else by the author. #FrUK #fruk fanfiction #hetalia #hetalia axis powers #hetalia world series #hetalia the world twinkle #aph England #aph France #francis bonnefoy #arthur kirkland. As survivors of their old world, they reflect on how much has changed. Uh, hopefully that hasn’t lost you from the fic, haha. ), A Meeting of Unconventional Meaning- Francis sexts Arthur during a meeting, then bangs him over the table. ), Fish Paste Sandwiches- Retired Wing Commander Arthur Kirkland of the Royal Air Force had no time or patience for strays and vagabonds, of the four-legged variety or otherwise. Hello, and welcome to the FRUK resource page where all things Anglo-French are listed. ), The Genius Next Door- Francis was once happy, before he went and had an affair and contracted HIV. I want things to kind ofgo back to normal, only that the two human’s have a little more control over their body’s. Saved by FrUk is life. Nothing I can say can give this series justice so just sit, read, enjoy the emotional roller coaster. elgarthecat liked this . your own Pins on Pinterest Apr 23, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by 燐火. And they are silly stubborn idiots, waiting and waiting and longing. (Rated: G And what a fill that turned out to be! pl e a se well written multi chapters are preffered i love my paragraphs dont limit m e fruk usuk hetalia fics hetalia fanfiction. Francis wouldn’t just be his. Of course, illnesses are a weak point for me so I’m very sensitive towards this material. (Incomplete-Rated: T My only Nyo!Fr/UK fic on this list and they are a golden pair. From the kink meme prompt. Keep reading. It’s a wonderful fic. ), Let Me Do This- Request: France had an awful day. Welcome to the FrUk Network, where everyone likes and posts FrUk/UkFr. (Rated: T This fic is all sorts of charming. There are several ficlets that go with the main part of Sixty-Four which you can findhereand that’s also a link to the other FrUK and others fics Miss Hitsu has written and I highly recommend them all despite the few I didn’t include in the list. There’s a multitude of characters in here and it all makes a pot of warmth and good feelings. (Rated: M England wants it and he wants it now. (Rated: T Here’s a twist on the ‘Princess and the Frog’ fairytale. ), Up, Over and Far Away- There’re two lads at the docks, and they’re watching the ships. What seems like complete opposites may turn out be the best pair. When hunting for the contact number of Guinness World Records while driving at 40m/h,he nearly ran over a man and now the said man has Amnesia. It’s not dark or anything of the sort. Feel free to take this in any direction, though this Anon admits to being a total sap for eventual happy endings. And some more stuff too, I just like how I stated that haha. Pessimistic Arthur has an annoying Frenchman who willingly has his back. Nov 16, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by FrUk is life. But then their children decided to do the unthinkable: become friends. Sure! ), How Long Have I Known You?- How long is forever to the oldest beings in the world? Their natural chemistry that comes from who they are is exacerbated by the closeness from travelling together and there’s an underlying need for each others’ recognition. (Incomplete-Rated: M This just might be my biggest guilty pleasure fic out of this whole list. The fic is only three chapters long and AmeCan is kind of the main focus, but the FrUK is well balanced in the fic and develops their relationship rather nicely. ), Capture Me- He took photos for a reason. The ten men accompanying them had been all shot down within a minute by the enemy soldiers hiding in the brush.” (Rated: T There’s a lot of violence and action in this fic. Smiling. A story built in stages. I have yet to set up everything. Follow. I’m very excited to see where it goes based on what’s there so far! (Rated: T Usage of demeaning terms for one who likes sex, against France foremost, is the big warning here. Discover (and save!) 21st Century Breakdown- series of oneshots. ty for the rec anon :D. #fic.recs #neon.ask #neon.txt. Will he be able to keep from throwing himself into those muscular, sun-bronzed arms? (Rated: T It is a story about fighting death and fate when those odds are very much against you. ), French Perfume- After a long voyage at sea, Captain Arthur Kirkland makes a stop at a small Normandy port to visit a certain Frenchman he hasn’t seen for quite some time. (Rated: G A cute little twoshot AU where Francis and Arthur are androids with flaws that make them more human than they should. Write me something about the European Union becoming superbadass and starting to take over the world again (preferably in subtle negotiations/diplomacy and threats, we are not Americans after allXD) I’d love to see the act of uniting too, not just some vague time in the future when they’re already a kickass union owning half the world. Anonymous said: Feli and Romano dressed up as Mario and Luigi saving Princess Francis from the Arthur as Bowser- Answer: ( not much to change is there lol? He’s very inconsiderate; instead of slowing up or, better yet, stopping doing the frikle frackle with France as he takes an important call, he redoubles his efforts to see if he can get France off the phone. Incomplete List: (Warning: Read at your own discretion. The others will come later. Ran by two (quitely likely tired and not having a good day) humans. ), Roleplay Night- It’s roleplay night. ... recommend this fic! (Rated: T There are 24 chapters but it’ll be one of the fastest reads you experience from this list and it is hilarious. (Rated: M This fic is love, love, love. ), Mésentente Cordiale- Churchill and De Gaulle are very good at trolling their countries. Human AU. )- FrUK nonsense. Usually they are really good because just what is it with the people there. Other Fic Recs Home Me And My Shit Absolute Faves FACE > > RusAme Rare Pair OTPs > Other Pairings Misc. They reminisce WWII and past national heroes during a memorial. Both parties are unwilling, but even with the help of their friends, can they win against spells… and time? Gorgeous. I planned to leave them off but after some consideration, I realized it was more or less a crime to leave these two fics off because hi, TWILIGHT PARODY. Message if you wish to contribute by hovering over Mama Egypt, going to Navigations, and clicking the Inbox button. (Rated: M A family that slowly comes together because of their sons’ friendship. ), Linger- England is the teacher, France is the student. The good points? This was a fic for a fanfiction trade with kokorocloud on tumblr aka flybynight on AO3. “Angleterre, you have heroic poetry about the Charge of the Light Brigade, one of the most ridiculous failures of communication and acts of stupidity in military history.” (Rated: T Another one of those talking fics I so adore. ), Inequity and Integrity- The first time Arthur Kirkland fell for Francis Bonnefoy was based on pure physical attraction. It’s not so easy though, because not all the servants don’t know his identity. ), Aubade- He greeted dawn with love songs from his heart. (Rated: T A Christmas FACE family fic! it is of war and of pride and of humanity and it shows the people's love for their country and the country's love for the people, it tore my heart apart and then the sappy bonus ending healed it and put it back together. Full summary and warnings inside. Make it sweet or snarky or what ever you want, anons, just make it hot! It seems more than France’s history is intertwined with England. It wasn’t to prove he was there; to prove that he was present. With bloody messages on the walls, a mysterious ring, and a new Slytherin student, the year quickly turns for the worse. But one day, he gets an order from Francis Bonnefoy, whose appetite for books may possibly exceed even the Librarian’s. Awonderful fic, just has one too many aspects I don’t care for reading about. ), Painted Red- “This was bad. A fantastic fic for just two chapters. Anyway, a hint of angst because Arthur’s anger really gets the best of him and his poor decision hurts all of his family. Centers around WWI so it’s pretty historical. He assumes it’s a new servant and proceeds to tell him off and give him tasks. He had no chance against Francis’s charm. rockets:. I don’t like when another pairing is in the fic (ex: usuk, fruk, spamano), or if it’s a threesome or something like that. Just France and England being their bickering selves as they go out for a date and also why France should listen to England in all concerns to the weather. ), Let the Rain Fall Down- Francis and Oliver are an unlikely pair.

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