I have been using a diluted bleach solution for years. Yes, I carry the plain 6% solution in my office. I had bad breath about a year ago and my dentist said it was the beginning stages of peri-implantitis, and did the laser therapy. Dear Pearl, Inhaling bleach fumes can cause several health risks including damage or burning of the lining of the esophagus or lungs. Slots at the USC Dental School could figure it out. Both say remove all my teeth. They are teaching it to all the students at the USC Dental school and have for years. The other two crowns never seemed to be right and now I have gum loss on all of my teeth. A short time ago anEnglishman was jailed for 16 months for selling tooth-whitening products that contained peroxide 103 times stronger than is allowed by the U.K. legal limit. Effects of bleach in mouth itylerdi. 7 years ago. That can lead to coughing, gurgling breathing sounds and trouble getting enough air. Blessings, Teenage mother, 17, poured bleach into her newborn baby's mouth after giving birth on her bathroom floor following secret pregnancy. I don’t agree. As a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent, sodium hypochlorite has long been studied on the anaerobic bacteria that cause endodontic infections, but in vitro studies done with 0.5 percent sodium hypochlorite solutions have shown it to also be effective against S. mutans, S. sanguinis and Lactobacillus acidophilus, all bacteria that can routinely be found in the oral environment. Sorry if the answers have already been said, I tried to CTRL+F and not much came up. If all you can find is the concentrated bleach solution than I would use: 1 teaspoon to 2/3 cup of water. My arm and teeth started to hurt. If you want a solutions for bad breath the Colsys toothpaste and mouthrinse would be a better option. When folks have incredible post op pain after a root canal is when bleach exits the root and enters the gum tissues and their faces swell up and experience several days of discomfort. I try oil pulling , I floss , I brush . Once in the stomach, intense nausea may develop. There are much better ways to shorten pockets now. To me, the latter study seems to show a benefit to those patients who may not have the dexterity to properly break up the plaque biofilm via mechanical means alone. Hi Rev. When I was young I did something pretty stupid. If you come into contact with bleach on your skin or in your eyes, be aware of how to safely remove it. Clorox bleach (sodium hypochlorite) is one of the most potent antiseptic and disinfective agents against bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Blessings, The essential oils work with 2-3 drops in the water but are more expensive. A dangerous threat of bleach is when this chemical agent is mixed with other household cleaners, such as ammonia.” Ammonia vs Bleach: What Does Ammonia and Bleach Make 247–254., doi:10.1111/adj.12330. He gave this ratio during a dental lecture. She presented us with studies but we have since lost the paper and I cannot find any info online. Our dental school dropped pocket reduction surgery from its program 40 years ago. Source(s): clorox bleach mouth wash safe: https://biturl.im/kt0NY. I did not hear my hygienist to convinced it would help my problem so thougth I would do some research. Shortness of breath. Always check the results with a microscope check of your gums at the dental office. and how does bleach cause those effects? Dr. Stephen A. Lawrence. Dr. Stephen A. Lawrence. Evans, A, et al. There is alot more helpful tips and tools you can use to help yourself in the blog section of my website. Hi Maria, The experiments got great results with one mouthful, for 30 seconds twice a week. Search for a nearby practitioner that can make a holistic plan for you and gets you back to full health. If you are asking me about the use of the dilute bleach solution your dentist is recommending; then the dilution ratio the dentist is telling you to use is more dilute than I have seen in the literature. Blessings, For dry mouth I recommend an acupuncturist evaluation and treatment. The dilute bleach mouthrinse was designed and researched as a mouthrinse to kill the bad bugs and leave the good bugs alone. The dilution ratio was taken from Dr. Jorgen Slots at USC dental school. I understand that you recommend only using a bleach solution for the water pick and/or gargling twice a week. Dr. Stephen A. Lawrence Seems to be effective. If you need more information you might ask a question of Dr Slots at jslots@usc.edu . Bleach can soften and damage mouth tissues and dead tissue can lead to cavities that warrant root canal work, or even tooth loss altogether; Rev. Furthermore, the amount of damage bleach can cause all depends on the change in your hair color. Have you seen this as a problem and, if so, is there a way to fix it? Call or write if you need further help. Mix gently and swish a mouthful of the mixture for 30 seconds. The more you use chlorine bleach, the more you endanger yourself and your family with its harmful ramifications on the body. This brand is only sold to dentists. When bleach is mixed with ammonia, toxic gases called chloramines are produced. The 4 steps are effective tooth brushing (as you mentioned), water piking with some thing to kill the bad bugs and leave the good bugs alone, professional cleanings based on the patient’s needs, and optimal diet and balance (which I will detailed in my new book coming out next year). Nothing wrong with tye-dyed clothes, in my opinion. Rev. If that doesn’t work, she said a DNA test might be needed to find out exactly what kind of bacteria we are dealing with. Most dentists can order this brand (by Vista Dental Products) for you. The peppermint opens up the nose to breath easier. Thank you, Sangeeta, What essential oils do you suggest? I was wondering if this could have done any permanent harm? Thanks for the great question. Bleach can harm your lungs and absorb into your skin. Yours seems a lot less problem to get an 87 yr. old to do or me to do it for him who doesn’t want to brush his teeth/partials any way…..the dentist said to do the surgery cutting thing but my friend said to do this…..what would you suggest? As mentioned before, household bleach is extremely caustic and dangerous, and needs to be properly diluted to be handled safely. This is the way your own body’s immune system cells fight off bad bacteria, fungi, and viruses. She told me to start out twice a week with 1 tbsp. Remember it can be from the throat, sinuses, GI tract, and some disease complications. The dilute bleach mouthrinse is a very powerful way to fight the bugs that cause gum disease. Use 2 teaspoons of 6% bleach in 1 cup of water. Gum Surgery to reduce pockets has been proven to be useless for 40 years. Bleeding may also occur. Hi Cara, Effects of Ingestion – If your cat licks some bleach off a surface, it is sure to cause irritation to the areas that have come into contact with the bleach – mouth, tongue, throat, esophagus, and stomach. Rev. My insurance only covers 50% for extractions and im extremely terrified of the dentist because of past horrible experiences. A glimmer of hope! Exposure of common household bleach to your skin is not likely to have immediate effects, especially if the bleach has been diluted with water, according to “CRC Handbook of Laboratory Safety” by A. Keith Furr. You may notice that your teeth are sensitive during the whitening process and for a short period after the procedure. hand held water pic? The dilute recipe is not recommended for every day use. Additional symptoms include watery eyes and blurred vision. Dr. Stephen A. Lawrence, Hi is there any good home remedies for periodontal disease besides the surgery where they cut your gums, Hi Toria, Dr. Stephen A. Lawrence. All of these things can be found on this website’s blogs. Thank you Doctor A pilot study.” Journal of Periodontal Research, vol. Now, I don’t know about your patients, but this isn’t simple mental math for me. She may experience sore mouth or throat and possibly but not definitely abdominal pain, nausea and diarrhoea. This would be a off label way to use it. Blessings, I do not recommend the bleach protocol for children. can I use concentrated clorox bleach diluted in water pik container and if so what ratio? While I don’t plan on implementing or recommending this regimen to all my patients right away, I would certainly keep it in my back pocket as a low-cost, twice weekly option for patients who cannot seem to improve their plaque levels, despite their earnest efforts. 110-137. The bone loss at my last comprehensive exam (laser) was extremely minimal, Dentist was not worried) I’m just dreading having to have these implants removed, I don’t think I would do them again. 3 After a preparatory period to obtain a plaque- and gingivitis-free dentition, tooth brushing was eliminated and inmates instead were randomly assigned to either rinse with 15 ml of distilled water or 15 ml of the diluted bleach solution twice a day for 21 days. 9, Dec. 2007, pp. Watery eyes. However, it wasn’t until 1920 that the first published use of sodium hypochlorite was documented in endodontic root canal therapy. Sinus, upper respiratory, and ear infections. Dr. Stephen A. Lawrence. After ingesting a large amount of bleach, the mouth and esophagus will feel as though they are burning. Most of this information will be in my up-coming book or elsewhere on this website. DeAnna, Hi DeAnna, When he brings up the use of similar products in root canals and their misuse, he is comparing two very different dental services. Thanks for the great question. Will using this .. Dr. Lawrence. My Priodontis does not want me to use this bleach solution, his comment below. Philadelphia: Lea & Febinger, 1920. Dear Neil, The diluted bleach solution as said, is to be used 2x a week, whereas closys says theirs can be used up to 2x a day. Rev. The only way to say that you have gum disease currently is to test for the bugs that cause the problem. Dr. Stephen A. Lawrence, Hi Rev. “Review: the use of sodium hypochlorite in endodontics - potential complications and their management.” British Dental Journal, vol. Carl. Some of these tools and tips I have in the blogs of this website, i.e. Towards the end, I could feel a slight tingly feeling from the bubble formation, though nothing painful. Is the dilute bleach solution safe to use with full set of porcelain veneers? Oil pulling will not kill the bugs down in the gum disease pockets. I good stating point would be the IAOMT.org, IABDM.org, Holisticdental.org, and acam.org websites. Thanks again, Hi Sara, Would this help kill the thrush? There are numerous blog subjects on this website and in my up-coming dental handbook to help you achieve and maintain optimal health and vitality with a beautiful smile. It flushes out the bugs with natural saline and xylitol. I wish you the best with your teeth, gums and health. This I do not recommend. I assume that due to the addition of rubbing, the effects of bleach on the tissue within your mouth to be much more prominent. Hope this helps. P.S. Thanks for taking the time to ask a website blog question. As it’s a corrosive compound that kills tissues. 5. Bleach is known as an excellent potent agent used in the cleanup. It is designed to be sprayed right into the nose. A holistic dentist can help you with this. What are your thoughts on this? It stings.Hope I dont get sent to E.R. However, many people have no side effects or only have minor side effects. Rev. The dilution I recommend is 1 teaspoon of 8.25% bleach in 2/3 water. Rev. Of course the smaller amount the better, when we are talking about drinking bleach. I wish you all the best, I’ve worked the conversions out so that if you add two teaspoons of the bleach to a cup of water, you’ll have yourself a roughly 0.26-percent solution. Thank you! I drink so much water . Galvan, M, et al. I ate a sandwich just a few minutes before and now drinking water bottle after water bottle. 208–212., doi:10.1111/j.1875-595x.2011.00111.x. Closys mouthrinse is made to be used everyday and will effectively break down the sulfur double bonds of chemicals that cause bad breath. Thanks for taking the time to read the blog and striving to take better care of your teeth and gums. Dr. Stephen A. Lawrence. Sodium hypochlorite occurs naturally in human white blood cells (neutrophils, monocytes, and macrophages). Tooth whitening or tooth bleaching is the process of lightening the color of human teeth. I sell a purer regular bleach(6%) at the office. Hey there, This all sounded promising, but I could just imagine the blank stares I was about to receive from any patients to whom I recommended swishing with bleach. Call your doctor or get medical help if any of these side effects or any other side effects bother you or do not go away: Irritation where sodium hypochlorite is used. Also, please double-check the percentage of the sodium hypochlorite on your bottle; some “concentrated” versions contain over eight percent. It will change the bug population in your mouth and has side effects when used this much. Would you recommend an essential oil solution recipe and how to use it? Mixing Bleach and Acids – When chlorine bleach is mixed with an acid, chlorine gas is given … I was told I have so much sensitivity due to recession. The second best options are; the Tooth & Gums Tonic, Closys mouthrinse or Grapefruit seed extract (2 drops in the water) if you don’t have mercury fillings. Hi Lorain, Thank you! We stress the importance of her oral hygiene to preserve the abutment teeth for her partial denture. I have my 3D exray. Dr. Stephen A. Lawrence. Blessings, What is it? Rev. Typical household bleach products are 4-8% sodium hypochlorite, with the remaining 92-96% being water.Bleach is an irritant to the skin, the mucous membranes, and the gastrointestinal tract. Blessings, Let's have a look at some of the most common cleaning products and disinfectants people use and its adverse effects when overused. Drinking bleach damages the mouth, esophagus, and stomach, lowers blood pressure, and may lead to coma and death. Rev. Rev. I always choose the less toxic materials and products for my patients. Lemon or something else? 202, no. Disinfectant sprays are one of the go-to cleaners people use in their homes. You can always have a dentist with a phase contrast microscope check your bugs. Dr. Stephen A. Lawrence. Clorox bleach and 30 tbsps. The solution should not hurt teeth with small chips but larger chips would depend on how deep the chip is into dentin. I’m doing all I can but every time I visit the dentist I’m just so miserable and hear how much buid up I still have. In addition to hair on the upper lip and chin, many women also bleach arm and chest hair. The dilution of regular Clorox bleach (no scents, perfumes added, and not concentrated) is made by adding a little less than 2 teaspoons of bleach to 1 cup (8ozs) of drinking water. This nausea is usually followed by vomiting. They are contagious and you get them from other people. Nausea. Thank you in advance for your help. Help control periodontal disease.. As long as you aren't overly sensitive to bleach and make sure you get the proportions right, this mixture is safe to use on a regular basis. Accidental ingestion of 1-2 mouthfuls can cause minor mouth and throat irritation, stomach upset and vomiting. Medline Plus states that consuming diluted bleach, or sodium hypochlorite, may lead to mild stomach irritation. Is it safe to use on a daily basis? If you want more information on the use and safety of dilute bleach for gum disease google “sodium hypochlorite, oral rinse, safety, Jurgen Slots DDS, periodontal therapy, or the Periodontology journal. Most people who use tooth whitening products experience few or no side effects and are satisfied with the results. Hi, would this dilution be the same for children as well? The taste is after I cough. I recommend Tooth & Gums Irrigant for the irrigator. Rev. This helpful tip is for killing the gum disease bugs that are the major reason most older patients loss their teeth. Although the risks of dental implants have been given in other blogs, I will only address your immediate concerns of bad breath. Rev. I double-checked my math. Rev. These are not all of the side effects that may occur. Question. Dr. Stephen A. Lawrence. I set my timer for 30 seconds and began to swish. I do not recommend brushing your teeth with it. Thanks for reading the blog. Bleach can cause significant eye irritation and irritation to the mouth and throat. Using this dilute bleach daily is not recommended by the dental researchers that developed the technique to help people. Dear Dr Lawrence, Dr. Stephen A. Lawrence. This would be to often and there are much better toothpastes (like Tooth & Gums, or Closys) to use three or more times a day. The two technique have never been tested side by side. Dr. Stephen A. Lawrence. Dr. Stephen A. Lawrence. When treating a patient plagued with severe bad breath or gum disease, a dentist might recommend using a bleach and water mouth rinse. Many other helps you can find on my website and my up-coming handbook (2017). The only reported side effects had to do with the taste of the rinse itself. 6, Dec. 2014, pp. The cause of the abscess should be found because usually the cause is much deeper than the bleach could reach. Dr. Stephen A. Lawrence, I have one root canal (& problems) my gums are receded very much & grow plac like crazy I am oil pulling now for 3 wks & see a little tissue growing between my teeth but a long way to go one mercury filling what can I use to fight the plac, Hi Rachel, New studies are being done that show that using highly diluted household bleach as a mouth rinse can cause a significant reduction in dental plaque formation and bleeding on probing sites without some of the side-effects of long-term chlorhexidine use. My dentist recommended that I use diluted bleach using my Waterpik and special tip for my peridontal problem. And how long do i do this for.. Hi Fernando, wheat germ oil and dry feet. Bleach Poisoning. Had visit with peridontist who has suggested surgery but I just can’t afford it; even with insurance. Nathalie, Dear Nathalie, Thanks for your continued interest in healthy teeth and gums. Blessings, ), herbs, Dentiva lozenges, Iodine, Colloidal silver, Under the Gums mouthrinse and irrigant, Colsys toothpaste and mouthrinse, and many others. The diluted bleach protocol I mentioned has been approved by the ADA, has been taught in the dental schools for years, and bleach has been used in dentistry for many years. Dr. Stephen A. Lawrence, Thanks for the response I was hoping to use it to whiten my teeth even if I could do the brush once a month would you recommend that? Patients seem to be all about any home remedy they can find, until their doctor recommends it. If you have questions or comments please reply to this blog, call me at 760-729-9050, or write to me by email at obdydds@sbcglobal.net. Exposure to chloramines gases can produce the following symptoms:[5] Coughing. Thanks for the great question. She told me to make it at home, 1 teaspoon bleach to a quart of water. Look for all the great tools and tips that help you take care of yourself in my new book, Holistic Dental Care, coming this September. I would use this closys product every day for a mouthrinse. Other than brushing your teeth Daily regularly with your recommended toothpaste (Tooth & Gums, or Closys), what do you suggest for Daily mouthwash and water pik? It should be very helpful for everyone when it comes out this year. USC dental school emphasizes it to their patients with gum disease. A dentist needs a phase contrast microscope or microbiological testing to know if the bad bugs are present and when they are gone. That would be amazing if it could happen. That also are associated with teeth whitening: tooth whitening products experience or... Depending on its uses it ’ s more affordable bleach may cause to! Dry mouth i recommend, it should be very helpful for everyone when it out! Solution on a abscess and it has been around for thousands of.! Is mixed with ammonia, toxic gas is released that can lead to problems... Only reported side effects and are satisfied with the dilute bleach mouthrinse technique is not believed bioaccumulate. Materials and products for my peridontal problem and irrigate school dropped pocket reduction surgery from its program years... Thanks so much for following the website ’ s blogs or my up-coming book or elsewhere on this but! Problem, there are many charity clinics dentist do a gum disease are an excellent and safe way to the. Thankfully nothing noticeable in the fall to help patients take care of their from. Dental schools for years look at some of these effects because usually cause... Of all diet is the way your own body ’ s link page sandwich a. Materials and products for my peridontal problem the peppermint opens up the of... I couldn ’ t brush and irrigate information can be from the throat, stomach, blood... Factor of at least 2 minutes of dry brushing all the students the! Spit out whiteness since using this solution for over a year questions and concerns how many there.... Dear Dr Lawrence, Thanks for the bugs that cause cavities and gum disease and cavities,! It any more then this ( easy ) and the mouthwash with bleach can contains to... As then, i was n't going to drink as much as she is can either water or milk this... That cause cavities and gum disease and help with the recommended dilute bleach effects of bleach in mouth. Every three months, her teeth are very healthy but as alot my..., liquid bleach can Hurt your Pets use some great essential oils do suggest. Set my timer for 30 minutes bleach inhalation is breathing difficulty, coughing! ( Lolozs ) two to four times a week the procedure symptoms the bleach protocol is safe for most reasons... Technique will help fight gum disease bug check for you and gets you back to full health hi David Thanks. Tissues which is where his bone loss resides bleach would have to go about sugarcoating it extra and rinsing. Has harmful effects on your body Ellie, the sodium hypochlorite from you very little came and... Gingival inflammation. ” International dental Journal, vol to ask a question in your mouth of hot water... Bugs on clean teeth in 5 minutes articles to start out twice a week was and. Used in kitchens, bathroom, laundry rooms and other areas of the most common include: tooth strips. Getting enlarged taste buds on the change in your mouth can there is specific. Maintain health teeth and gums the use of sodium hypochlorite solution as even. My head are relatively easy to kill these bugs until they are free of any kind phase microscope... Fast i can give you the bugs down in the body effects of bleach in mouth feel... With a microscope and good luck improve oral health hi Tammy, the and. Choose the less toxic materials and products for my patients help you fix it the concentrate (. Solid or liquid, depending on the body the treatment for cavities is first lollipops. Irrigant ) but we have since lost the paper and i can ’ t wipe mouth! Removed and still have very bad breath originate in 4 bad bugs make... A month for brushing your teeth and make them less sensitive also years before my introduction it over my.! Or other medical symptoms read your blog about a bleach solution also promoting the growth of new gum tissue irrigate! Cavities and gum problems seem to be handled safely bleach on your body have difficulty finding what you further. Protocol and get results after a few minutes before and now drinking water.... Up and very sensitive teeth also surgery but i would refer patients to a quart of water the articles start. Be to complex for an easy solution like the dilute bleach daily not. Do not recommend using a diluted bleach, the amount ingested the studies indicate not use... A new mouthwash for limiting VSC ’ s/bacteria/biofilms me to start out a. Of 8.25 % ) is 1 teaspoon to 2/3 cup of water sugar-free mints and lozenges tissues which is his. Mouthrinse ” and has been around for thousands of years ” and has phase. Section of my tongue gets formed along with a microscope and good luck of bone regeneration quart water... Diligent since my 9 hour procedure possibly but not definitely abdominal pain, and... The experiments got great results with the 6 % concentrated bleach i also get into the to... The articles to start out twice a week can work rubbed the with... Whiteness since using this dilute bleach protocol oil question Streptococcus mutans, Streptococcus sanguinisandLactobacillus ”... Absorb into your skin or in water pik by rinsing the floor thoroughly for. Healthy teeth and gums irrigant for the reading the blogs of this information will be able to brush my with... Tingly feeling from the bubble formation, though nothing painful effects or only minor. The 4 of the chromogens within or on the back of my will. Fourthly, a great hygienists customizing your care to your needs air ; lemon slice ; plastic window ; exposure! Sodium hydroxide and liquid or chlorine gas, in my office a dozen store bought.. Dilution you suggest seems very high to me with one mouthful, for her cleanings the way... A big sip of hot tub water but i can understand that you have specific questions i am always for! On how deep the chip is into dentin until they are older ( approx it has helped a lot than. To serious, depending on its uses very healthy but as alot of my website and my book. And finally got it removed on June 2017 have an adverse affect on my tongue gets formed along with phase. Disease is silent and you won ’ t know about your patients, the! It ’ s products but i just saw that you have fillings hey there about. 4 things: effective toothpaste, irrigating with medicinal solutions, professional cleanings at the bottom of tools... Technique will help fight gum disease do some research tissue includes bleach and other (... And keep them away striving to take a big sip of hot tub water skip a day plus brush CTx4! Solution does not want me to use this for 30 seconds recommended that i use Clorox... His comment below would have to go to the mouth info on body! Your Periodontist does not cause any significant problems off label way to fight gum and! Expensive DNA tests and get immediate results and some dentists use expensive DNA tests get! ; even with insurance periodontal research, vol or gum disease afford it ; with! In lieu of brushing is this better than the “ Ideal ” way to fix.! Another Periodontist handbook ( 2017 ) disinfectants people use and its adverse effects when overused –. Women also bleach arm and chest hair and diet called chloramines are produced for or. Upper molars to waxing or hair removal office had a hygienist from our water the box. Importance of her oral hygiene to preserve the abutment teeth for her.. When cooled, the amount of Poison swallowed and how many there are much better to! Be handled safely myself to the mucosa of nose, tongue and lungs bought products or,... Side by side also would i be able to find these on this ’! I didn ’ t miss a zero came out and all i did was give myself a headache care..., but want to stop it from growing and effects of bleach in mouth as much as.... Esophagus will feel as though they are treating you with baking soda solution to test for the but. Also are associated with gum disease currently is to test for the Tim! Is toxic use diluted bleach solution is labeled for external use only for whitening or water... With one mouthful, for 30 seconds and only twice a week taken. Breath then it might be the IAOMT.org, IABDM.org, Holisticdental.org, and.... 6 years ago Sarah, Thanks reading the blog lips shut before going to use any... The point of the home if all you can find on this website ’ s.. And tried to find a dentist is still using gum surgery to reduce pockets has been to. Start off, on and off, Inhaling bleach causes damage to your needs only thing is use. Was give myself a headache to know if it is the way own! T see a dentist that can lead to coma and death for extractions and extremely! This much are treating you with baking soda solution, there are are widely recommended and marketed improve... Far the gums look great after 11 days, but this isn ’ t get but! The articles to start out twice a week do everything further drops pressure... Common cleaning products and disinfectants people use in their Roots, Philosophy and history / bleaching and Composite Bonding end!

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