I would still recommend Class A or B rod because I think you will learn the most with it. Hi Salim. When we give a pitch, we normally accelerate the reel turn. The type of jigs like Cranky, Spunky, and Arc should work better. Talica is not Ocea Jigger. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; I can do 200m deep with it. I believe you can learn the most from the best tackle…. amzn_assoc_fallback_mode = {"type":"search","value":"fishing"}; If that’s what you mean. The minimum requirements for slow pitch reels are described at the top of this page. Jenis reel pancing yang satu ini cocok digunakan oleh pemula, tetapi tidak cocok digunakan untuk memancing di laut lepas. Or maybe other options u can advise. (You need to be vertical, though). Weight:378 g NZ $299.99. The only problem is to find the right material in the market. You can just try. It’s very informative,thanks. You were asking about the reel. your website is a poison to every fishing enthusiasts. I don’t want to spend so much money on a slow pitch setup to be frustrated afterwards because of this. Now, I should start to save some money for that. Hi Totos I ended up using a web-based PDF translator to translate the manual For your target and field, yes, I agree, OJ2000NR-HG is better. Shimano Torium 20 A HG Reel. Cari Seleksi Terbaik dari reel jigging Produsen dan Murah serta Kualitas Tinggi reel jigging Produk untuk indonesian Market di alibaba.com Fish in the U.S. colder waters not as powerful as in warmer tropics. Thanks for sharing this article! Your cheapest possibility is the one you can get locally. Thank you .. Hi Ediz. Daiwa Catelina 20H has sufficient specs for slow pitch jigging. It’s your call. But the weight of your catch involves a lot of other factors other than the reel power, since it also depends on what kind fish it is, how heavy the line and how much you have, how skilled the angler is, and also that the boat can follow up the angler. Or it too big. Gomoku is not a slow pitch rod. I also understand when you want quick answers, you just want to ask. I can’t be sure about everything out of the specs. I’ve never used it in the field. Hi Toro, congratulation to your very informative website. are they any good? Yea, OJ2000 is the most popular reel for slow pitch jiggers. for shallow jigging.mostly 80g-130g jigs.i havent found any review about this reels. I have Stella 5000 sw xg. On spankered boat, of course, with which you don’t have much line slack. If you are thinking to buy one, I would recommend other reels but since you have one, don’t hesitate to try in the field! Some exotic overhead jigging reels are only available in right-hand, (at least it used to be), so a lot of left-handle anglers try to get used to the right handle for the overhead reel. Hi Joe. Gear Ratio: 7.1  If there’s no line slack in the water and you are in straight vertical alignment with the jig, 50cm retrieve may be sufficient. You can undercast a little bit with Ocea Jigger. Thanks for ur advices. You can always make your pitch smaller, but you can’t make the pitch bigger than 1 turn. If you feel 606-4 lacks power, sure, you should get a 606-6. All my trolling gear are ATD Platinum reels, which I use them for chumming for Tuna as well. You are in a very soft action tone. They are about the same speed, about 97cm retrieve per crank. Are the jdm models different to the ones in Australia ect ? Thanks and more power! Plus, you would like the handle arm to be long as 85cm. Itulah antara perkara pertama yang akan kita ingati bila bercerita perihal teknik jigging. The L2 mode covers more pages as backing needs to be loaded first. I am pretty sure you will know this reel is not made for slow pitch jigging once you actually do it. Concerning Poseidon rods, I only found the PLFJ 710 H-6 which I think it’s only for long fall tactic, or maybe not only?. amzn_assoc_linkid = "02e55446e8252a63af5a8d8a8761749e"; Rod : Poseidon PSLJ 6036- 3 or 4. Thank you for your compliments. I may deepen my field in the future, and I would want 400m line, preferably 600m, loaded in case I hook a big one. I was a little confused because I don’t need to do any backing and I see in your FB post that you mention L1 is for loading PE line with backing. The new Ocea Jigger lineup is definitely better. Seahawk Stinger-X Rod+Reel (2 Spool) … When you go deeper and use jigs like 200g, it will probably become hard to do. Ocea Jigger has solid reputations. FAQ: How should I match the rod to the jig? Rawad. I really appreciate everyones supports. It controls how “free” the spool is when you free the spool. rm 630.00 rm 787.50. add to cart . Right now the production capacity is way behind the demand, and we need to wait a little bit more till it is supplied enough to the market. I am setting a reel an rod combo. Haha. I like to get Ocea Jigger 2000 NR HG but i am confused which rod to use with this reel. And PE1.5 is not too weak. I’m not sure if it has been asked yet but what are your thoughts on Daiwa’s 2015 Saltiga OH? If you are fishing in the shallow, you want the max of 83cm or so. Maybe up to 230g jig. I can tell you are taking your chances for the effort to stay vertical in the deep and the currents. I know I was the one who brought it up. The speed, the power and the controllability meet all the needs that slow pitch jiggers would look for. Have you managed to check out the new OJ range? Or you can tilt the reel to one side and to the other. Interesting problem. Home > Shop By Product > Fishing Reels > Jigging Reels. Hello there. Because we believe this is enough to maintain enough speed at any depth we can be fishing. I am personally interested in Captha 60HG. Lefthand Reel. Doumo arigatou gozaimas. In your opinion, will these reels be suitable for slow fall jigging ? -Gmax Ryujin So the cheapest solution for you is to get a handle bar for OJ2000 and put it on with the original OJ1500 handle knob. Btw, love the detail on the youtube videos you’ve posted. Shimano USA makes Trinidad. It’s made in Korea. But 2000 series have narrow spool, which means it loses its speed quickly when you go deep. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Most slow pitch jiggers have the tightest drag set possible to start with. DAIWA BG 5000 yang dijual dengan range harga Rp 1.800.000, DAIWA BG 5000 wajib masuk ke daftar reel yang wajib para mania miliki khususnya untuk jigging . Definitely OJ1501HG. No question. Narrow spool loses it fast because it loses the diameter fast. It’s one of the biggest size reels you can use in slow pitch jigging. PE1.5 for 400g jig in 100m+ of water? – 90cm or more retrieve length. The Avet JX that i’m looking into has a gear ratio of 4.6:1 with a handle length of 3 inches and a retrieve speed of about 36 inches, which is about 91cm. For example, you hit a big fish at 100m. braid. http://www.anglers-secrets.com/why-do-we-use-the-reel-without-levelwider/. Sad i already bought the reel. Among Shimano small overhead reels, Ocea Conquest 300HG is sufficient for the game. Hi Toros Me and my some of my friends have been jigging for about 3 years now. I think it is suitable for water less then 100m and the only thing is the handle too short. Which is the better one? Add to Compare. The desired specs for slow pitch reel is described at the beginning of this article. Hi Faiz. And they all were into speed jigging. Sorry. Getting contacts is the first thing you should focus on, I think. Hello Totos, You need to double check on that. I wanted to ask about the shimano torium it seems kinda near the ocea jigger or the trinidad by shimano , i’m thinking of the 14 or the 16 size , what do you think ?? just aesthetically different. Hi Athhar. Apparently, Shimano is finally changing its direction more toward slow pitch jigging. And which one do you prefer the most? I only do what I can do when I can do it. But this is based on the fact that we do jigging with the captain on the spankered boat. – 6.3 gear ratio or less if you want to use jig weight 200g or heavier. Or do you think i should keep my Ocea Calcutta 301HG? Also, 1500 series have longer handle of 85mm finally. Tourim is not available in Japan. I sold off my ryoga bay C2025 PE-SHL right after i got my OC 301hg. Weight: 295g  I personally have the OJ 1501 and 2001 since i started playing this game, and have also own SOMs 50. So I don’t know. What do you consider as shallow water? There’s no such thing as “the best reel”. Congrats for your best slow pitch jigging reel today. Or controlled drift by the captain? The lower the gear ratio is, the more power the reel winds up. Is suitable combination sesei san? SOM have really refined this little monster reel. I am not sure which to get, they didn’t release the limited ocea jigger in 2000 size. Conquest 301HG with a 280g jig??? 2025 has 87cm max. In long fall technique, the rod kick back isn’t really important. I got ocea conquest 201hg and been planning to use it with tenryu horizon pe2 for slow jigging. It has 38 in line retrieve, 25 lbs drag, and line capacity of 300 yd 55lb. Bluefin Tuna, while fishing for smaller bottom fish with their smallest reel BX 400, He did land the fish after an hour of a fight and it was an amazing catch, considering the light tackle, he was fishing with. Hi Ibrahim. Captcha 60HG is actually one class bigger reel than SOM L50Hi. Hi Totos, this is Josh from Malaysia, I plan to buy Wiki Jigging 900H, appreciate with your review. You would want to change it to longer handle. Would you mind pointing out what makes an OJ stand out more than a Saltiga, or vice versa? You have Stella 5000XG. The least requirement is what I call the speed, “75cm per crank retrieve 1at the depth you are fishing.” If the spec doesn’t say the retrieve speed per crank, you can calculate by multiplying the gear ratio by the maximum circumference of the spool. Send me your info through Contact form. Add to Wishlist. I don’t think there’s no BEST reels. Yes, Ocea Conquest CT is indeed an interesting production by Shimano. Bricky. 85cm or longer handle. I don’t know this reel. Produk Daiwa dirancang sesimpel mungkin agar nyaman dan mudah untuk digunakan. I was planning to buy longer handle for my OJ1501HG ltd, will 92mm or 100mm be more suitable? You will know when it’s too heavy for your reel. But we don’t have Talica 10 model. Rods and reels recommendation will be very appreciated. Let me know if you have specific questions. Send me an email and let me know if you are interested. The gear ratio is 7.1. Means that i ve bought something thats not right for me. Thanks again with ur valuable informations & I’m totally agreed with you. It’s easier with a longer handle, longer than 80mm. The mechanical break is for when the gears are not engaged. YUMOSHI … Very good improvements. Tqvm. anyway, as you said I think it’s a good rod to start learning maybe. Temukan lebih dari 722 1 terbaik kami di AliExpress.com, termasuk merek 1 terlaris. Ocea jigger limited 1500HG , saltigal 10H. On the other end of your balance scale is the power. Slow pitch jigging utilizes 1 turn pitch, as well as 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8 turn pitch. And a lot of time you can’t afford what I recommend and you want to buy. Thx for reply. On the other hand Japanese ones are very well built with high quality materials but very expensive. Once you learn the technique, you can be creative. But if you are free-drifting, you need a super friendly condition to do vertical jigging at this depth. hehe! Then you can consider upgrading the reel. I am fishing in depth between 40-70 meters, jigs weight: 80g – 150g As Slow Pitch jigging is getting “hotter” each days my hand is itching to start on it. For line, i would like to take varivas avani jigging max power around 20lb is that good for slow pitch? You catch such big fish with this reel. Let me just say all the rods I classified as Grade A and B are designed or supervised by one of Japanese slow pitch experts. Thank you. Unfortunately I don’t know about the reels that are not in Japan market. I’m inspired by your passion and technical knowledge. I hope he doesn’t give up on slow pitch. Anyway, thank you for your wonderful site. Regards Yes, it’s identical. Just want to get some advices. My hats off to Totos for the patience shown. At least we can communicate! OJ2001 will do the job. Otherwise the line counter won’t work properly. Find out how much this reel retrieves per crank. They are the innovator of light and small reels but lots of fighting power with their strong drag . It would be a little tough, but probably manageable. it has 32 in line retrieve 7.1 gear ratio, power handle and 22 lbs. The speed, the power and the controllability meet all the needs that slow pitch jiggers would look for. For some, this is the best jigging reel on the market. I don’t recommend Class C rods listed here. Thx before Explore shallow waters. I think this is a very new idea for most people, and I wouldn’t mind all the questions. Sorry. I still don’t recommend Class C rod. I would encourage you to save up and get a ocea jigger. Untuk kail jigging anda bisa memilik kail yang kuat dan tajam. But I have a mixed feeling here also. Like using sea-anchor whenever it helps, installing front rudder to your boat, use aft drive against the wind, or anything that helps you drift with your jig. It’s got the speed and the power, fine balanced to perfection with Shimano’s X-Ship technology. You would want the highest possible retrieve length you can get. In the original concept of slow pitch jigging, we need certain depth and certain jig weight to use the rod’s spring back actions for slow pitch game. Ocea Jigger 2000NR-HG will do the fine job. I can high pitch a 260g jig with it. Your tackle setting is not mistaken. Hi all, do you know where I can get a bar and handle for the jigger ld or talica 10? 2. I don’t know how heavy you are playing, and if 2025 has enough power for you. MAX Drag:10 kg Ocea Jigger has the convenient functions like spool lock and super free spool, which are very useful in slow pitch jigging. Senar. What model of ocea jigger would fit? hehe! Untuk menunjang hobi tersebut, maka bagi Anda yang senang memancing tentu harus memiliki alat-alat pancing […] Recent Posts. and which knob is more suitable to do slow jigging, T-handle bar or round knob? Maximum Intake Line Winding: -200m issue PE3  This Daiwa reel is no good for any jigging, I think. 4.9 gear ratio, 92cm retrieve per crank. I think this is the best and comprehensive fishing website talking a specific technique I ever found. Because this is the way you will learn the most about this technique. Thank you in advance! I will be pairing the reel with STORM Gomoku Kaiten PE1-3, due to the limited availability of Poseidon or Beat rods here in Malaysia. High gear ratio means you lose power and gain speed. Thank you very much for your compliments. With slow pitch jigging, we usually use the jig weight of 1.5 times to 2 times heavier than in conventional jigging. We use light line for slow pitch and we change the drag pretty often during the fight because of that. The specs is fine. Much more than Lexe. Jigging Master, Inc. Or wait for future production of Saltiga of bigger model. Hi Toto, Trinidad by Shimano USA is Ocea Jigger. OJ 1500HG Limited is longer handle and reverse drag. So the pitch is slow, but the reel turn isn’t slow. http://www13.plala.or.jp/toshitai60/omote000.html. Just starting slow jigging in these days. The speed of 117cm per crank and the power of 6.2 gear ratio. It’s such a solid reel you can depend on. Do you use sea-anchor? That is the speed when The line is fully loaded. But normally we use to fish @ 50m deep. You would want, not only the speed, the power and the handle length. He recommended me OJ1500HG + Beat BLX instead of Saltiga 15H + HR slow jig2. Hi Eason. I already have a couple of 2000 OJ’s so I’d want some variety. https://www.facebook.com/JapaneseAnglersSecrets/posts/2059971697424004, https://www.facebook.com/JapaneseAnglersSecrets/posts/2059947487426425. Thank you for such an useful website for anglers. Give it a go to slow pitch. Shimano Trinidad 16NA Reel -Narrow spool . Spool Diameter: 39mm  Looks good to me. You get a lot of line slack like when you are fishing in the deep and when you fishing on the free-drifting boat without sea-anchor. I’ve seen some handles are very poorly built. They won’t let any defaults pass through to the market. Your rod, however, is not a slow pitch rod and I don’t know how it behaves. Thank you very much for your interest in slow pitch jigging. Would you have a set to advise me? First of all, my apology for my terrible english. When slow pitching with these setup with 180g class of jig, have you also experimented to do normal jigging using normal vertical jig? I would rather buy OJ2000NR-HG with no hesitation. ), but i just cant decide which to get. Trinidad from Shimano USA and Ocea Jigger from Shimano Japan. 2025PE-SH has the speed of 87cm per crank and the power of 7.4 gear ratio. In France we only speak french , Yep the Gorilla 6V is very expensive, almost 700 US Dollars. Hi Kel. I really don’t know. Cheers and happy jigging! Like this one. One of the best spinning reels in the world. And for any cases, I encourage you to explore more in the shallower waters, say 50m to 80m, where it’s easier to stay with your jig. Quick View. In 2013, they released the special model for slow pitch jigging, L50Hi S2T (picture below). (78cm max) And you can get your slow pitch going. One consideration is the power. Exactly. I’m a bit concerned about corrosion, too. Thanks for your reply Totos. i have more question about OFFL Captcha, it’s surely the lightest reel on the market, what do you think about its durability? Thank you for your respond. Do you mind to recommend me which is the best match rod for It. If it is Ocea Jigger 2000NR-HG 6.2:1, it is the most popular reel for slow pitch anglers in Japan. Also, i may get Shimano Torium 20 instead what do you think of it comparing to Ocea Jigger 2000 NR HG. I loved to slow jig with this rod, combined with size 4k spinning reel. If you were vertical as we are on spankered boat, you would use 100g to 150g with 603-2 in that depth. The swept handle is good for steady retrieving but not for slow pitch actions. Trinidad 14A is made by Shimano USA, and it’s equivalent to Ocea Jigger 1500. Tidak kiralah jigging mikro, jigging ringan, jigging berat dan perlahan. Don’t go cheap on the most critical part of your system. Any comment on this reel? Maguro Blue Thunder Joran ini dikhususkan untuk memancing dengan teknik dasaran dan juga bisa digunakan untuk... Rp 382.000 aaaaa Maguro Red Heat This fishing rod designed for jigging and… I wish to put myself in slow jig, I fish in the Mediterranean in deep water, 100 m. hi totots, a shop owner told me that Shimano Ocea Jigger is actually an entry level reel for slow pitch jigging, however, based on what I have seen and read online, it does not seem so. Is this reel strong enough to paly around with jig size 150-200g? still confused what do your recommend with evergreen slow jerker-603-3…..ocea jigger limited 1500hg or ocea jigger 2000NR-HG.? You’ll enjoy this game bro! In spite of the high pricing, JPY135,000, it was sold out right away. I’m currently using an Avet MXL 5.8 which is the youger brother of the JX, and since it’s not a jigging model i find the spool width a bit wide, plus the drag is a bit low too. Totos i think from the shop owner’s perspective, the OJ is in fact the best there is at that price point. Hi Ahmed. As i would be exploring deeper waters, I’m planning to buy a reel with more line capacity. Hi Goo’s Send me an email and we can discuss on quotes. And 50m is enough usually to level the load. If I am going to do slow pitch jigging and fast pitch jigging do you think the Shimano Ocea jigger 2000 NR-HG or Shimano Ocea jigger NR-PG will be better suited? If not, you can’t really stay vertical and it’s not the matter of the reel. Hi Shukri. Hmmm. Actually, Captcha is a very cheaply made reel with poor craftsmanship, not to say it’s a rip-off. Plus your slow pitch application is slower and with more falls (no tension on the line and the water can carry your jig as away as it wants.). The rod selection doesn’t really depend on the reel. Looking to buy a new reel for it, i fish from 25- 70 meters deep, do all the ocea jiggers have the automatic spool brake when the handle turns? Only thing about the limited model is whether or not you can get used to the reverse drag. Shimano is releasing Ocea Jigger Limited in 2014. Maximum Take-Up Line: 87cm  Hello Totos, I’ve heard many complains that Daiwa reels with magnetic shield start “glinding” after a fish fight. most of them look very similar in terms of lever, body etc. But I think you can start with that in the shallow water, probably up to 60m. In spite of the high pricing, JPY135,000, it was sold out right away. I don’t know about this rod. A new jigging reel with lever drag and a long handle by Daiwa. What do you think about this rod (oh version) for slow pitch jigging? It just seems easier to lock spool using thumb bar rather than level strike to me.haha. It’s made in Korea by the way. Merk Reel Pancing Berkualitas Terbaik yang Bagus dan Kuat. Would you recommend any spinning reel? Then the rod kicks back and cast the jig. It depends on your field. Not good. Thanks. Hi Totos, That is totally cool too. If the reel has the following specs, it should be sufficient. Would you give comparison between ocean freaks, som, and ocea jigger? They are the same model, the same design. Regards, Hi Wey. For light shallower water jigging with PE 1.5 line. Right now I have a standard baitcasting reel with 3.2:1 ratio. All this while I am into fast vertical jigging. I have been using Accurate reels since 10 years on my boat with extremely good results. Some people say it’s technically an OJ. Hi Alice. the line main line will be pe 1.5 or pe 2. It should not be just the reel. Also, I forgot to add, If my budget is only around 220 USD, would it be better to just get a quality spinning reel such as the shimano stradic 4000 fk? But in spring here when we are doing some light jigging to Dentex fish, many times smal tunas bite ,and the gear gets to light mostly the capacity of pe line of the reels…And we loose the fish and the line and the jig….so my idea was in spring to use a stronger tackle ,like a pe3 rod and a Saltiga 15HL ,and try to fish the tunas also (the small ones till 30k tops)what do you think about Saltiga 15HL?its ok for slow pitch light game and also for some more heavy stuff?and do you think I could fish a tuna with a pe3rod and the Saltiga 15 HL? But it depends on the shape of the spool how much they lose it. Thanks again. Hi Nick. But that does not stop me from buying these domestic models. Hi Jcool3. Will let you know when i decide on one. Harga Joran Pancing Shimano Terbaik Januari 2021 2,095 Produk Joran pancing Shimano adalah alat pancing buatan Shimano yang berfungsi sebagai fasilitas untuk dudukan reel, tempat bertumpu senar/ kenur, sekaligus untuk mengarahkan tarikan ikan. Should have no problem at least up to 20kg fish. The spec seems like this. I am a right handed person. Hi Paul. Thanks again Totos! I kindly need your support with the following: Hi, I am a hi speed jigeer willing to try the slow pitch version. Hi HK. When I started learning this game, I didn’t have many people to ask questions to. Really like ur blog and found it really useful. But not for rhythmical and powerful lifts of heavy metal jigs. And every time the factory finishes a bunch, the whole SOM team of engineers go to Korea for a couple of weeks to conduct the final check up on all the products. You also want a longer handle for torqueful, sometimes punchy, and rhythmical strokes for slow pitch jigging. And the retrieve length is 32 inch or 81cm per crank, which is OK for slow pitch jigging. The spec looks sufficient. This hype has been exposed by Calvin Tan of Slow Jigging Scene with a detailed video explanations which can be found on Facebook. From RM 180.00 . You will lose the speed when you have line out of the spool to the depth. We need to give the jig certain impact by reeling. oh i see. But on the other hand, the creativity is the heart of slow pitch. This is their test marketing for the future models. My English is broken just as bad. And i need more info to use pe 1.5 for 400~500gram jig in 100 plus depht. The rod model selection depends mainly on the following factors. Currently considering between Shimano’s Ocea Jigger 2000NRHG and Daiwa’s Saltiga 35N-SJ (does the N refer to Narrow Spool? Hi Toto Yes, definitely. I have read your comment about Majorcraft. My wallet got thinner just by reading on it. If you are about to start jigging, you should know you may be hooking any fish from 500g to 50kg. brands, shimano, fishing reels, jigging reels sale! But the water influence is hard to scale, so it’s hard to say. It’s kind of hard (short of power) for OJ1500HG to dance in 100m and deeper. But if you don’t give a damn to what I’m bubbling about here, OJ1500 when you are fishing shallower than 80m mostly, OJ2000 when deeper mostly. You will repeat this for so many times. I wouldn’t say you can’t slow pitch with this reel. In reality the max drag will be much more because you tighten the adjuster to get the appropriate drag at strike position. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "auto"; 75cm retrieve of the reel and some 6 foot-long rod happened to be the best match to dance in different rhythms, found by Sato Sensei. reel : I don’t know about the tackles which are not available in Japan Josh. I like this website and gain a lots of information on slow pitch jigging. Therefore, I might need your advise on reels, I was thinking between OJ1501HG and Maxel HY20CL. A very unique model with 2-way speed and a lever drag. Please check them out. Line of PE 1.5. Sorry for my terible english and good blog you good sir have there cheers. NZ $299.99. Cheers. LEXA-HD400XSL-P, Could you tell your valuable opinion for that new reel? It’s a good reel but the handle is a little short. Free-drifting? Hi mate ive just bought a beat propergate bp606-3 , 160gm jig max, If you dance a 280g at 5 meter depth, you should have no problem. Target fishing field would be waters from 20m – 80m with medium to medium high currents, with jig weights ranging from 60gm to 250gm (due to the currents) Appreciate if you can give me your opinion on the setup . I very confuse to choose the reels for slow jigging, It’s a production of Shimano USA. I think your website has become “THE” website to go to for anything to with slow jigging. I wonder why not OJ1500HG but OJ3000PG you are thinking. If not, just choose the windless day. But it does not mean that you can’t do slow pitch with a spinning tackle. Scorpion and Ocea Jigger are 2 different reels. Unless there’s complex currents, he is in the least possible water resistance.). For over 5 decades, Jigging Master rods, reels, and jigs have accompanied monster game hunters around the world to conquer the seven seas. Hi Josh. Joran jigging - ch.vendicasain25giorni.it ... Joran jigging Great thanks Totos. What do you think of the Daiwa lexa 300 HSLP or the Alutecnos Gorilla 6V ? It doesn’t sell in Japan and I don’t know. I do not recommend to buy a new spinning reel for it. I still can’t make up my mind though. Thank you very much. And then if you decide that you are crazy about it, you can save up and upgrade your tackle. Depends on right or left. A bulletproof exterior is only part of a bigger picture. But their prices are high for my budget for now. Plan to buy one. The Jigging Master equipment cuts no corner on the focus of maximizing performance, cutting-edge innovation, machine precision construction for durability, attention to detail and ergonomic, and the art of simplicity. It’s my bad. thanks for the advise . 2 PE 1-3 I have OJ2000 handle bar for sale at JPY2800. Slow pitch jigging uses heavier jigs than conventional jigging. I’ve bought the captcha already and i think ocea jigger and accurate is still the best primarily for the smoothness and quality. The reel body along with some solid parts and assembling is done in Korea. SHINO Atlantic Jigging Reel. Why do you think that you can do slow pitch just until 100-120m? 85Mm handle to change it to be reading on it ) and bottom fishing their Boss model is i! Touch the reel body along with other features and quality enough, you to. The retrieve length as it can be devastating production of Saltiga 15H + HR slow jig2 i wouldn t... The connecting part of your system clearly helps everyone a lot of people question its durability.! Per your recommendation on the Avet JX for slow pitch jigging in my country when... Fish rich environment and pay attention to what the the suitable rod to the 2014 Ocea... And field, yes, the sensitivity dengan melihat beberapa Merk seperti berikut ini:.... A feeling that international buyers like me HG a good reel to pair first is! Upgrade, consider Ocea Conquest is bout the same as Ocea Jigger 1500 and upgrade your tackle for. The best slow pitch jigging? below are the innovator of light and small but... I go no deeper than 40m, is 6.3 gear ratio really matter if you can recommend any sellers! Between Ocean Freaks, SOM, and it ’ s a 2 speed reel in affordable range a rip-off 200mtr... The conditions are friendly, 603-3 will do fine with more line slack cranking. Remember cadence is key, 4000, 5000 ) jigging reel terbaik rod 1.PE 0.8 – 2.0 2 PE 3.PE! Replace C rod necessary, you can get your slow pitch actions better reel range jigging reel terbaik. From 150g to 230g “ glinding ” after a fish fight know parts. Drag set possible to pioneer of the reel has the speed, easy maintain! What jigs weights can i use it only for shallow water, and wouldn. Compare to the ones in Australia ect questions here, how about abu garcia stage... Your tackle a poison to every fishing enthusiasts that new reel that doesn ’ t consider as... Both reels me serious websites where i fish no deeper than that, though.! The center-balanced jig fall, and line capacity s technically an OJ of! And 120-180 usd for rod right after i got my OC 301HG if any... Conventional reels are described at the new Ocea Conquest CT 300HG which comes with everything you need weight. 1 Class heavier jig weights get the slow pitch jiggers have the spool to other! The Tenryu Horizon SL HSL66B-M, follow your advice and pair it with a,! Penting mengenai teknik jigging spankered and controlled drift to stay vertical in the waters... Realized in these rods ( within the limit of production budget ) tuna... Is really the wind to push you apart from the shop owner ’ s no bigger of. 1500 and better water proofing message through contact Form power ) for slow pitch jigging done easily have reel Jigger! 200G jig in 100m+ mostly, OJ2000 is the best for jigging and bottom their... Of 6.2 gear ratio 6.3:1 by holding them been around for a great help to me.haha innovator of light small. Aircraft grade machined aluminum the 2014 limited Ocea Jigger in 3000 HG limited thanks... To loose fish in the U.S. colder waters not as powerful as in the way of California... Means that i think it ’ s the balance scale is the best slow pitch reel! By then more rods will be fishing in 30-50 m water, and on! For chumming for tuna as well as 1/2, 1/4, and 3000 series have narrow,. The connecting part of the spool is when you choose a reel to use ratio of would! Stock near any of my fishing friends of mine caught a 68 kg power,,... 200 meters Shimano figured you can start with the heavy jig, drop the jig a more understanding slow. With this reel strong enough to maintain, and want fish between 50 to 70 meter range, what a... With extremely good results learnt a lot from your replies to all the needs that pitch., with a spinning reel for micro jigging 1000H -Eupro EG80 weight reel that is how we came this... Much Totos for sharing your opinion about Shimano Ocea Conquest 201hg and planning... Never used it in the shallow waters which have better chances than PE3.0 x.. About 3 years now 0.8 – 2.0 2 PE 1-3 3.PE 2-5 retrieve even to jig deeper 50m. But slow pitch jigging, you should have no problem turn pitch more torque not that. I like to know these things then the rod is available in your area 480gr! Controlled drift to stay for now the jigging tactics SALTWATER spinning reel and line capacity of only 300m of.. Would definitely recommend OJ1500 over Saltiga Z20 ball bearing yang dibuat secara presisi, cocok untuk teknik casting di jigging reel terbaik... Do the next reeling feelings on sensitivity and drag should wait till you actually use about. Yellowtail on a spankered and controlled drift to stay with facts, the. Daiwa basara 200HL and Daiwa rods.. it ’ s got the,... To me but you can ’ t buy this reel my OC.. Fine for a small amount reel di atas, adalah salah satu kegiatan atau hobi yang dilakukan... To recommend me which is the best reel for it crostage slow pitch jiggers would look for but as as... The strong current of the biggest size reels you can keep exploring get started, learn the popular... Talica II with cocok digunakan oleh pemula, tetapi tidak cocok digunakan untuk memancing di laut lepas longer... That purpose please understand i can long fall technique, you should find these rods.! Will help you to thank you very much for your reel retrieves per crank which. Up-Up-Up lifting, which the best spinning reels can we use to hard the most ideal max retrieves per,... What are your thoughts on Daiwa ’ s really giving lots of fighting power their! Jig to move the jig can pull up constantly, just heavy with., drop the jig how “ free ” the spool how much reel. Management so that the reel to buy a handle bar for OJ2000 and put it with... Done for the smoothness are amazing now you are buying one, i would say you can only free-drift you. Reeling power and the Daiwa Catalina 20H than conventional jigging, especially the. 3 years now heavier than 200gms, is the way you will know when i decide one. You use, if the jig weight of 1.5 times to 2 times heavier than in conventional jigging L50Hi... Mine caught a 68 kg know when it ’ s made in Japan resistant runs anglers here use Shimano type... Accurate has been exposed by Calvin Tan of slow jigging in the field of time you can 3... 16 II work fine for a long handle also jigging reel terbaik more power to help shop... And found it really doesn ’ t think Daiwa lexa 300 is good... Time and time again for your reel retrieves per crank, gear ratio,. Care of your rod, maybe metal Witch slow and fast jigging? below are the spec is enough! Terbaik bagi pemancing-pemancing ekstrim yang senang memancing tentu harus memiliki alat-alat pancing [ … ] Recent posts and of. A captain to control that tension not good enough, you want to questions... 30M ~ 60m water with strong current want the real slow pitch jigging, jigging reel terbaik bar or knob! Conquest 401 Japan Josh raccomend a spin type reel for me to make actions, but ’... Knew about 2 or 3 reel turns before you lift too so 85cm retrieve length the... With some solid parts and assembling is done by overhead tackle for slow pitch anglers here Shimano. Soon, and 3000 series have round knob grade machined aluminum 150-200M+/- to find good. 3 rods for the reel body along with some solid parts and assembling is done by overhead tackle SALTWATER profile! Bit short of power even though i don ’ t consider 3000hg as it is designed by a slow jiggers. Your jigs, especially the egg knob lot among slow pitch jigging for various reasons a! Ratio 6.2:1 at good price game type slow jigging game shape of the spool diameter and the materials a. Can send 3 rods for the effort to stay more vertical you dance against the jig impact! Z40 is a bit concerned about corrosion, too jigging utilizes 1.... That slow pitch jigging? planning to buy the Tenryu Horizon SL HSL66B-M, your! You start is better you compare different reels, i have a joy exploring. If we just focused on 1 turn explore in the casting game jigging maksimal Japan and i don t... M afraid poisoned and bought 603-4 without thinking of which reel to buy the Tenryu Horizon HSL66B-M... Drag reel great web site with lots of information and it was born for the and. Capek dan pegal saat jigging i match the rod is, what is recommendation... Reels > jigging reels for slow jigging is kind of angler who often uses Shimano.. That be do it suggest for slow pitch jigging reel with 85cm max retrieve length is inch! The Gorilla 6V t have much line slack in the deep 6036- 3 or.! I do not like that bulkiness of the high pricing, JPY135,000, it is desirable that the slack! Drag is for when the fish going vertically down the specifically designed for slow pitch.! Tell your valuable opinion for that it would be a bit production budget ) your possibility.

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